Monday, August 20, 2012

3 month reflections

Dear Jamison,

You've been here for 3 months now, which seems impossible to believe. Where has the time gone? My little tiny newborn baby boy has grown into a bigger baby boy, and while it's so sad that you'll never be that small again, it's also so exciting. You sit up on my lap now and take everything in. Your deep blue eyes are wide with wonder, and I can see the wheels in your mind turning as you look, look, look at everything in our little world. Everyday is pretty similar. We wake up around 8 in the morning and I feed you, we play for a bit, we cuddle on the bed, we read, I sing you songs, we dance. You sleep, you eat, the cycle goes on throughout the day. When your papa gets home from work I can see you light up. Everyday you change and grow and do something new. Your personality is starting to emerge a little more and I can definitely see a bit of the person you are becoming. I think you'll be like your Dad. Funny, kind, full of laughs, so loving. Loving most of all. You still like to cuddle up like a little koala on our chests while you nap during the day, and it's my favorite thing to just lay like that all afternoon and let you sleep. You now grasp our hands, and even grasp toys if we place them in your palm.  You really are starting to recognize our voices.

You are such a joy Jamison.  Time is whirling past us, and I keep trying to stop time, to freeze it just for a moment. It's impossible though. So I will keep taking photos, videos, trying to capture it all. I imagine your big twenty-something self, looking back at these photos with me, laughing along with your little mama at your tiny self- the noises, the faces, the adorable way you'd scrunch up your nose when you laughed. I will tell you stories, your Dad will recount the time you did this or that, we'll all smile and reminisce. And you, my big son all grown up, my once tiny little baby boy, will look over at me and smile. And you will know how much you are loved, and how much you've always been loved.

Here's to you Jamison, today and tomorrow.

I love you,

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  1. Your Mere loves the ways you respond to the sound of her voice and how you go on and on with your baby oohing and cooing. Sweet boy you're very smart the way you 'read' expressions of those who love you. You must know that you make Trip, Nate, and Lukie smile with your 'conversations' with them...AND when you see or hear your Mama or Dad, you look directly at them and start gurgling or trying to get their attention by flashing a smile, kicking your legs, or making "sweet eyes". You are undecided about bath time, but tummy time is definitely a favorite with you. . . favorites with me are your blue eyes, soft skin, sweet voice, and how you know your Mere by the way she holds you ~:)