Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 1/2

we kept Mr. Toby for Mere while she went to D.C. to accept the blue ribbon award for STM
Jamison was in heaven to have a puppy around the house. 
We tried our first sour skittle... :) 
Wore our letterman jacket for the first chilly days of winter!
There are a couple of really cute phrases Jamison has been using lately
that I want to remember...
Me: Jamison would you like to watercolor/read a book/ watch LeapFrog?
Jamison:  YES! I did!
Jamison:  Toby where your ball are?
(trying to locate Tobias' runaway ball)
Jamison:  I not.
(instead of "No")
He's also a fan of saying "CHEERS!" whenever he notices you have
something he currently has
i.e. my necklace, his amber necklace..."CHEERS!"
he hands me a leaf, he picks up his own leaf and...."CHEERS!"
two dinosaur toys standing together..."CHEERS!"
Whenever we're finished reading, he closes the book and says, "Amen!"
I guess he just likes to be where everyone knows his name...jk, jk
on Sunday, Charlie and I were sure we heard J-bird say,
"I'm a good guy" as he was getting in his carseat.
Jamison has taken to calling himself J-bird :)
this boy has my heart!

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